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Holding Hands


Church Pews

Jabez Christian Center is a rapidly growing church in the Greensboro community. Not only are services available on Sundays and Thursdays, community outreach programs - such as our mentoring program - are available to our youth.

Over the years, our congregation has grown and our church has received a reputation for being a center for religious restoration as well as a strong community partner.


However, because our church is growing in the Greensboro area, we are welcoming more

members and are in need of a bigger location. Our goal is to raise funds over the next few months so Jabez Christian Center will have a new location by the spring season, when attendance will increase due to the weather.

Donations and your ongoing support of the mission of Jabez Christian Center is greatly appreciated. If you have questions or concerns, or just want more details about this important effort, please contact us at


If you aren't able to commune with us physically, however still feel led

to give, please feel free to tithe, offer, donate to our church cashapp:


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