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1 Chronicles 4:10

Bless me indeed. The word ‘indeed’ means to (1) confirm or agree with something that has just been said, (2) in fact, (3) in truth. Jabez’s prayer was “I’m agreeing with you God, because you have already said you were going to bless me”. We must come to a place in our walk with God where we agree with what God is saying about us. What is God saying about you?

Jabez wanted what God desired for him, and because he came into agreement and harmony with God, God answered his request. The Bible said he called upon the God of Israel. He called or he cried out to God. Our situations and circumstances have a way of making us cry out to God. Don’t be ashamed to cry out to God, and to tell God all about it. He knows and He hears our cry. When we desire or come into agreement with God, and what He desires for us, our lives and situations will turn around.

Pastor Tony Hayes

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